Training Academy

Our key representatives decided to meet up with our School Council Representatives for training. The chairperson, treasurer and secretary all had to take part in a variety of tasks which helped them learn a bit more about their role. We had so much fun and we love working with all of our friends in School Council!




Every school year we have new elections to see who will be in our ECO Council. Classes from P4-P7 took time to create their own election posters and prepared speeches. Everyone got to vote and three pupils from each year group was chosen to represent ECO Council. All of the ECO Council received badges in a special assembly so they could be recognised throughout the school. Well done everyone!




Previous Events


Big Beautiful Waste
We joined up with Science Week to create a competition that the whole school could be a part of. We made a presentation in assembly to tell everyone about our idea – recycling our waste to create art. We had a local artist who came to show what we could make with our waste food packaging and scrap materials. There was a winner for each class and an overall winner for the whole school. Well done to everyone involved – the entries were fabulous!


In school we have so many areas of plants and trees to water and look after. This year, we were lucky enough to have a meadow planted and we love taking care of all of the wild flowers.


Our Tea Party
At the beginning of the school year, we were lucky enough to be invited to a special afternoon tea party with Mrs Moore. She was so proud of all the elected members of ECO schools. We worked hard before our elections and created posters. We even gave speeches to our class and were nominated! We were given special ECO badges so everyone knew who we were around the school.

In ECO schools, we work very hard to ensure we have compost for our plants. We have a food caddy in each classroom where we put our food scraps. We empty this into our compost bins and we turn the compost every month. It takes a long time for all of our food scraps to decompose but it is an amazing transformation!


Focus on the Crocus
Our ECO representatives were very fortunate to be involved with a special planting event! We planted purple crocuses to help raise awareness for Polio disease.

ECO representatives were very fortunate to be involved with a special planting event! We learned how to grow our own food and how to look after them. We planted peas and potatoes and our parents even got to come and help! We even got some extra plants for each classroom and for the rest of the school. What a great programme to be a part of!


The Recycling Bus
This year in ECO school, we came up with the initiative to recycle plastic. To help us learn more about recycling, Noel from the local council came to teach us about landfill sites, and what happens when we recycle certain things. We even got to make our own pencil boxes from recycled materials!


Energy Checks
To try and save energy in our school, we are very strict with saving electricity! If you are in our school at lunchtimes on Wednesdays and Fridays, you will see our team checking that all pupils and teachers have turned off the lights in their room. If they leave them on, they get a red lightbulb! For the classrooms that are good at saving electricity, they get a green lightbulb! The class with the most green lightbulbs at the end of the month, gets an award in assembly!


Recycling Plastic
This year during our ECO meetings, we decided we wanted to start recycling plastic. We have now got a plastic recycling bin in our school and we reused cardboard boxes to collect our plastic in the classroom. We have worked hard to make this happen. We are now currently doing a survey to find out how much plastic we are saving in our school – As soon as we get the results we will keep you updated!