A reminder about the Family Learning Festival being held on Thu 30th March. All of the details are in the photo below.


As part of the Rathcoole Learning Festival there will be a Fingerprint Learning Session held in Abbots Cross Primary School on Tue 28th March from 3-4pm. This workshop will show parents how to be practically involved in their children’s education and to understand how they can support their children in becoming successful and confident learners. If interested please contact Ciara or Roisin on 02890 364688 or visit their FB page NewtownabbeyFamilyCon and leave a message.

Science Week 2017

February Star Pupils

  • P1 – Taylor Bates, Darcey Hamilton, Brooke Southam, Olivia Courtney
  • P2 – Rosey Hobson Kerr, Madison bond, Macie Armstrong, Leon McCreight
  • P3 – Gracie Simms Adair, Maxwell Burnett, Reece Bates, Olivia McIlhatton
  • P4 – Jack Versey, Rhia Douglas, Madison Taylor, Chelsea Montgomery
  • P5 – Salim Mohamed, Jay Telford, Eve Hughes, Jordan Seawright
  • P6 – Corey McGarrell, Brooke Cousins
  • P7 – Cora Bassett, Mackenzie Lunn, Bradley Dundee, Ebony Lockhart Robinson


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